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Car hire Cancun - experience the famous nightlife

Cancun is situated in the north east headland of Yucatan in Mexico. The main part of the town can be found on an elongated island that is located on the edge of the mainland. The city is moving further away from the mainland. The beaches here could have come straight from paradise, with the sand as fine as sugar running directly to the turquoise blue water. The first class hotels and exquisite restaurants are famous for their service and fine food. Many people come here just to experience the famous night life. The nights here are like the days- they begin late and finish in the early hours.

Feel good factor in Cancun with car hire

The temperatures are usually on average around 27 º Celsius and there are about 240 days of sun in the year. No wonder that most of the people here feel great and new visitors come to this heavenly resort every year to let themselves be taken away by this enchanting place. Altogether there are 11 beaches, not one being more beautiful than the other - each one has its own particular charm. The best can be found at the northern end of the city which can easily be reached by a rental car, even though they consist partly from the remains of dead coral. Also in spite of the hot days the sand here stays quite cool - A very pleasant characteristic in the hot temperatures. Outside of Cancun you can find some places that are really worth seeing in your hire car and they should definitely not be missed. It would be best if you booked a cheap hire car so that you can discover the area independently and at your own pace. 

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With car hire make it easy to witness spectacular Mayan structures

One of the things to do for example would be to take a trip to Chichen-Itza, an old ruin of an ancient city of the Maya people as well as being one of the main attractions in Mexico. The historic structures were probably built in the middle of the 500’s and demonstrates the unbelievable standard of knowledge the Maya people had with respect to the many areas of architecture. The so-called El Castillo, also known as The Pyramid of Kukulcan is one of the most spectacular constructions of the Maya people. The square matrix of the pyramid has stairs on every side consisting of exactly 91 steps. All in all with the final step before the Temple there are exactly 365 steps, the number of days in a year. There are also lots of other signs that show the marked astrological knowledge of the Maya. A visit is definitely recommended. To get to Chichen-Itza, leave Cancun in your hire car and follow the Highway 180 in a westerly direction -you will reach this location by a dirt track which is about 200km long. Here you will also find the old ruin of the Chichen Itza.

Visit the waterpark in Cancun easily with car hire

A trip which is also worthwhile doing is one to the Xel-Ha Waterpark that prides itself on the ecological preservation of nature, above all the former maritime world. Here you have the possibility to look into some spectacular caves, be amazed by magnificent mangrove plantations or have the opportunity to jump off the staggeringly high cliffs into the lagoons. For those of you who like a bit of quiet can snorkel and scuba dive in the protected under water world. Visitors can also get to the park from Cancun, just take the coastal road 307 in a southerly direction in your hire car. The park is well signposted and after about 120km you will come across it.

MCR wishes you a pleasant journey with car hire in Cancun

A cordial welcome to, your economic car hire broker in Cancun. We exclusively co-operate with respectable car hire companies, which outer-exchanges their cars all 6 months. Also in Cancun you will receive a car from a company, which constantly renews their car fleet, that means that you will get a new car, which are not older than 6 months.

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Cancun Zone Hôtelière
Zona Hotelera
Cancun-avenida Tulum Blueway Car Rental
Av. Tulum 231, Sm 20 Mz 9, Lote 43 , Qr, Quintana Roo
77500 Cancun
QR Mexique
Cancun Mayfair Plaza
Boulevard Kukulkan, Centro Com Mayafair Local F , Qr, Quintana Roo
77500 Cancun
QR Mexique
Cancun La Isla
Blvd Kukulcan Km 13, La Isla, Shopping Village Local 01-e, Qr
77500 Cancun
Cancun Airport
Intl And Domestic Arrivals, Terminals 2 And 3, Quintana Roo
77500 Cancun
Cancun Condominuim Salvia
Blvd Kukulcan Km 9.5condo. Sal, Condo. Salva, Zona Hotelera
77500 Cancun
Cancun Bureau Principal
Lot 4 Main Office., On Cancun Airport Property
77500 Cancun
Cancun Hacienda Estefania
Super Manzana 0 Zona Hotelera Manzana9 Lotte10 Hacienda Estefania, Manzana9 Lotte10 Hacienda Estefania
77500 Cancun
Boulevard Kukulkan Km 8.5 Mz 51 Lote 8, A Interior Hyatt Regency Zona Hotelera
77500 Cancun
Cancun Hotel Casa Magna
Hotel Casa Magna
Faial Hotel Resort Azores Praia Da Vitoria
Lages Int Airport , Praia Da Vitoria
9560 251 Praia Da Vitoria
Horta City
Rua Angustias Nº 70 R/c, Horta, Faial
Horta, Faial
Pico Village Madalena
Cais Da Madalena S/n, Madalena, Pico
9950-305 Madalena, Pico
Cais Da Madalena S/n , Madalena
9950 305 Madalena
Pico Airport
Aeroporto Do Pico, Pico

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