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Frequently asked questions about car rental :

1. How do I know with which car rental agency I rent the car ?

2. When will I receive my booking confirmation ?

3. Why is my booking not confirmed ?

4. Can you guarantuee that I will have the vehicle I booked ?

5. How do I know the exact adress where I am to pick up the vehicle before booking ?

6. Can I use my uk driver's licence abroad ?

7. Can I book the day I want to rent the car ?

8. Are there booking fee ?

9. May I drive to countries other than the one I rent the vehicle ?

10. I would like to rent my car at the airport, but I will not arrive by plane. What do I need to do ?

11. I would like more than 1 driver, what do I need to do ?

12. What is the age limit to rent a car ?

13. How long do I have to hold my driving licence ?

14. Ho can I change my booking ?

15. How can I cancel my booking ?

16. What type of insurance liability is included ?

17. What is the difference between "All included insurance" and "Insurance with Excess"